That’s Simple – It’s Our Team


• Office Manager & Procurement

✔ Responsibilities – Maggie is the glue that keeps the team together and organized. From soliciting project pricing, assisting project managers in ordering materials and coordinating deliveries, to gathering relevant documents and making sure filings get done on time.

✔ Goals – To make every customer feel like they’re the only customer and that their project top priority, to support Aaron, the owner, and to help the staff in any way possible to make their days happy and productive.

✔ Values & Rewards – Show respect to everyone regardless of their position and above all be honest. As far as rewards, it’s all about friendships.

• Construction Manager

✔ Responsibilities – James plans, executes and closes out the project. He is the communication point for clients, architects, engineers, trades, and employees.

✔ Goals – Build the clients’ dream home within the budget and on time along with bringing good energy to the job site with a touch of artistic skills he gets from his father who’s an artist.

✔ Values & Rewards – Seeing homeowners come onto their job site in the middle of construction and appreciate all the work and detail. Also working with a team that has an incredible sense of timing and attention to detail.

✔ Free time – is spent on working on his own house, spending time with his family, hiking, and every year making fun Halloween costumes! He loves good ole’ American food like cheeseburgers and pizza along with all music.

• Construction Manager

✔ Responsibilities – Rob is one of the project managers at Home Evolutions. His responsibilities start with contract negotiations with subcontractors and end with happy homeowners. He uses social media and new software technologies for job site coordination which keeps the clients updated continuously.

✔ Goals – His primary goal is to build the client’s dream home while coordinating the many moving pieces. From working around long lead times for special orders to organizing daily schedules and deliveries, he works the keep the project moving along, on target, and clients updated continuously.

✔ Values & Rewards – Catering to the mid to high-end apartment renovation market, Rob finds the reward of delivering quality craftsmanship, excellent management skills and meeting the consumer’s expectations.

✔ Free time – Rob enjoys a good game of golf and fishing. Since he grew up in the eighties, he spends most of his time listening to Metallica and Iron Maiden. When it comes to favorite food – nothing better than a rib eye steak.

• Managing Director

✔ Responsibilities – Aaron’s primary responsibility is ensuring his team delivers a superior product while providing an enjoyable and stressfree customer experience. As a top priority, he makes sure all communications run smoothly inside and outside the organization. He’s proud to have built a company with staff that is dedicated to expansion, demonstrate extreme loyalty, and who know that no detail is too small on the road to perfection.

✔ Goals – Aaron realizes that this is a very challenging business and there is no simple path to achievement or success, but he enjoys the excitement of working as a team and seeing the company expand and succeed. He initially decided to start this business because he loves the creative side, the many moving parts, the challenges, and the game of perfecting the entire process. Aaron strives to meet the client’s exact needs while creating a clear path to the finish line. Along with continuing to grow the business, he’d like to work on improving the industry.

✔ Values & Rewards – Our most significant achievements have been building 285 condominiums for 55 and older, winning the 40 under 40 awards within the YJP organization, growing trust with new and existing clientele and in return gaining the opportunity to work on some of New York’s most exciting and detailed projects. He also put together a fundraiser to build a medical facility in Haiti and traveled there to manage the buildout. Above all, he values honor, trust, compassion, honesty, sense of family, integrity, a sense of humor, fairness, diplomacy, loyalty, and adventure.

✔ Free time – Aaron enjoys his friends and family and spending time in the outdoors including fishing, hiking, boating, and traveling. He’s a big fan of Pearl Jam and 90s rock. He enjoys cooking and loves a good steak and can’t resist sushi.

• Jack of All Trades

✔ Responsibilities – Interior and exterior finish work of the building including skim coating and painting to enhance the aesthetic quality of the project. He’s also more than willing to pitch in and do whatever else there is that needs to be done.

✔ Goals – His number one goal is happy homeowners, so he works extremely hard to create perfection even while working on multiple jobs at the same time.

✔ Values & Rewards – It’s a reward in itself to work on amazing high-end apartments in incredible locations while producing the highest quality job efficiently. He’s originally from Long Island and ran his own painting and skim coating business. Now, he appreciates being part of a tight-knit group of professionals.

✔ Free time – With three kids, when asked about how he likes to spend his free time he laughed and said: “what free time? His favorite food is brisket – can’t get better than that. For music – it’s Ozzy all the way.

• Project Manager

✔ Responsibilities – Coordinates all the moving pieces including transferring information from the top to all the subs.

✔ Goals – To have an exact point of view from the highest level to the smallest detail and catch things even the architect may have overlooked. Charles knows every project is essential to the homeowner and being a perfectionist himself, imagines he’s doing work on his own home.

✔ Values & Rewards – He gets joy from completing a project and seeing the excitement from the clients as the project proceeds. The biggest reward is a job well done and a thank you.

✔ Free time – is spent in the outdoors, although he’s lived in NYC for 28 years, having grown up in Utah he still loves being outside and active. He loves all Japanese and Korean cuisine, and his favorite band is Sonic Youth.

• Carpenter

✔ Responsibilities – Alister is an accomplished carpenter, and as a true team member is willing to fill any gap including painting, site clean up or demolition.

✔ Goals – Professionalism is his number one goal along with a drive to complete each project on time. Growing up in Belize, he has a construction background and studied engineering. He sets exceptionally high standards for himself and makes sure he sees the clients vision so he can produce exactly what is needed.

✔ Values & Rewards – His biggest reward is a hug, a smile, and a big thank you along with working in an environment where everyone is respected and can prove themselves. He feels lucky to have a great boss and project manager.

✔ Free time – He’s a movie buff who also loves Marty Robbins music. Favorite food is Belizean Rice And Beans with stew chicken.